❤ Saturday, August 11, 2012

Angel's first visit to the National Library!

Brought her to the one at Bishan, near Junction 8 a few months back.

Making our way to the children's section.

Decided to take the lift down
instead of walking down the stairs.


And ta-dah! 
Here we are at the children's section.

Brought Angel to the toddler area.

Books there are more suited for her age.

She immediately started grabbing some books and went to the chair and table to start flipping them.

Read some books with her.

And she was so intrigued by the many books and colours!

My favourite photo!

Sitting on the cute little round chairs!

Really hope the girls would develop the love for books, as I had.

If I could, I'd bring them to the library at least once a week!

Borrowed some books myself,

before we headed down to Junction 8.

Passed by Macdonalds and the girl insisted on dragging me back,

to get her the happy meal toy she saw.

And fries.



Satisfied little girl with her Happy Meal.

Waited to have lunch together.

While Angel happily ate & drank Ribena.

Then we all went to grocery shop,

before picking Sera up from school.

Cos I insisted I wanted to make Corn Beef Stew for dinner for the first time!

Chopped up veggies!

This dish reminded me of home so much!
I miss my mummy's cooking.

So invited mummy over for dinner to try out the dish she had taught me to make.

I don't cook very often,

so hubby obligingly ate this dish although he doesn't like veggies AT ALL.

Very happy the dish turned out nicely!


Had a very satisfying day!

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12:03 AM


❤ Thursday, August 09, 2012

Tweaked & updated the right side of my blog a little.

And added a new widget for Instagram just right below my Twitpic!

You can follow me @serene_ on Instagram if you're using too.


My National Day post is below.


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12:47 PM




Finally I am home on a weekday with my favourite girls!

Dressed in our national flag colours.

Sera celebrated National Day in school yesterday.

Managed to wake her up early as it was a combine session for all classes.

Which starts at 8.30am.

Eating breakfast with her,
before I left for work.

And as usual on National Day itself...

Yearly tradition of going to Jalan Kayu to eat their famous prata as a family!

Eat until..............

Sera's expression.

Harmonious sisterly moments.

On our way back,

Sera insisted that she wanted to hold meimei.

Poor Sera all squashed up.

Have a happy holiday you all!!


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11:24 AM


❤ Friday, July 13, 2012

Reminder to self.

Blog about Angel's first trip to the library!!!!

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8:23 AM


❤ Thursday, June 28, 2012


We had a mini BBQ celebration at home,

to celebrate Angel's 2nd birthday.

How fast my little one has grown!

The peeps who set up & did the cooking.

Super smokey!

Delighted faces once the fire FINALLY started.

The kaypo girls,
wanting to help fan the fire also.

Changed the birthday princess up,

in the sexy red dress from Target & princess shrek ears headband.


Brought her out to the yeye's garden

to take snap some nice pictures.


"Wait mumy! I'm not ready yet!"

"Mummy, Y U NO done yet???"

Managed to snap a nice one!

Plucking the leaves of yeye's bonsai trees.
As usual.

Poor plants.

Terrible girl.
Threw the plucked leaves on her sister's head!


Chicken wings, satay, stingray,
portobello mushrooms, beef steak, the list goes on..

Rocket salad.

Potato salad with bacon bits.
My fav! 

Found a packet of mini marshmallows I had bought for the girls.

Ideally not meant for BBQ, cos it's so small.

But what is a BBQ without roasted marshmallows?!?!?!

Mini marshmallows squeezed together,
 ready for roasting!

Sera helping daddy.

But she was rather terrified.

So scared until likedat.


Blowing to cool her first ever,
self roasted marshmallows.

Taking her first bite.

Her expression.


Birthday princess quietly sitting down,
nom-ing & enjoying her marshmallows.

And they just kept eating & eating & eating.

This year, I wanted to get the ice-cream cake from Swensen's.

I called on a Thursday and they told me the cake would be ready by the following Monday.

Like seriously...


Decided on good old Bakerzin instead.

(Love their new packaging!)

Strawberry Shortcake.

2 candles = 2 years old.

You grow up so fast!

Singing "Happy Birthday" with us.

My little Tang family. 

Opening up her birthday presents!

And Sera wasn't forgotten either,
although it wasn't her birthday.

Aren't these 2 girls so blessed & fortunate?

Sera pouring tea & making kopi for us.

Angel's new fav toy.

It's a Hello Kitty set.

Thermoflask that you can put water in and press to let the water come out like the real one.

Cake cutting set with cutleries, plates, teapot & "biscuits".


Busy "cutting cake"

Someone commented that she looked like
she was cutting open durian instead.

Tea party!

Hope you had enjoyed your little mini celebration Angel my love! 


Written with much love @
5:25 PM


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